A smart social distancing device by TUSY

A smart distance alert system, that helps maintain healthy distancing for the safety of your employees and customers.

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A smart distance-awareness device that works directly out-of-the-box to ensure social distancing norms among your employees and your customers. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHfw) recommends 6 feets distance in public spaces to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 and other viruses.

Socio Space keeps a continuous watch on maintaining the distance, and gives instant and clear warning through light colour change and sound, if someone breaches the proximity guidelines as directed by the ministry, helping you focus on providing your services without worrying about distancing norms. An elegant wood-finished base design compliments with most furniture and interiors.

Socio-Space helps to keep your business open safely.

How far is 6 feet actually?

A clear red alert warning if you are crossing the healthy distance

  • Maintaining Social Distance

  • Protecting Customers & Employees

  • Preserving Awareness

  • Causing Alertness

Let’s spread the distance and fight against COVID-19.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered!

What is the best position to place the Socio-Space?

It’s best to place the Socio-Space at the front of the counter, facing your customer. The angle of the sensor is 30 degrees.

What do you get in the package?

One unit of Socio space - smart social distancing device, adapter and a USB cable

What are the package dimensions?

Physical dimension of the package is H 210mm X L 120mm X W 65mm and net weight is 295gms

How do I turn the Socio-Space off?

The Socio-Space does not have an on/off button. Simply unplug the power and the device is off.

Can I also use the Socio-Space without charging?

No, the Socio-Space always needs power to work. You can connect a power bank if you prefer to place the Socio-Space without any wires. Do make sure that the minimum power requirement is 5VDC - 1A.

What is the minimum of the required power supply?

Power connectivity of min. 5 VDC - 1A

I already have cough screens / stickers / card boards, why should I consider your solution?

Due to the elegant design the Socio-Space is a customer friendly solution that alerts customers when they are getting too close towards employees. The interactive functionality of the device creates awareness and realises behavioural changes in a positive way.

Does the Socio-Space also measure the space between my customers? (distance between customer to customer)

The Socio-Space measures the distance towards one customer at a time. If a customer approaches the desk/counter and stands next to the device, the sensor will measure the distance towards the next customer in line.

Do you have a sample available?

In order to help as many businesses as possible to create a safe working environment, we are producing at our maximum capacity. However, we do not have a complimentary sample available for the time being.

What happens when the product doesn't work?

If your Socio-Space is defective please notify us within 24 hours after receiving your device, we will replace your device with a new one.

Do you also have a wearable solution?

We do not have a wearable solution yet. We will inform our customers if we have a wearable version via this website.

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